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Service for B2B Cooperation

If there are developers on your staff, but no one to design the website/interface, then our agency is always ready to help you. Our main principle is not to lose the key idea in the pursuit of a beautiful picture. There is no matter how trite it sounds, but the main task of the site is to solve real business problems. We launch the market analyses to gather more information about the project and niche and then our specialists start designing.

How we work

We have to know the project needs: what kind of area it is, who is the target audience, what price segment, who are the competitors, what are the advantages of the project, etc.
We create prototypes (wireframes) in the beginning. It’s possible to make it interactive. When all the ideas have been tested, we can proceed to the next stage.
We create a full-fledged modern design, including all adaptive versions for all common screen sizes. We use both ready-made templates like Bootstrap and create our own. All the data above and our great experience allow us to create a modern, beautiful, and working design.
Providing The Result
When everything is ready, you will get a full UI Style Guide and all layouts, and pages with the indicated markup of styles. In this way, the mistakes of your developers will be minimized.
Implementation Control
After your team implements the project, we test and verify that the original idea was developed correctly.
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